My Role: Typographic Design • Product Design
The Process
Lien Do was in desperate need of a total business rebranding...That's where I came in.
 Top Cuttery Salon became a part of a studio suite salon due to the effects of how the Covid-19 pandemic deterred business. Since the transfer, the salon did not possess any relevant branding or information that was needed for clientele.
Before I came along...
There was much to tackle and after a short briefing I had all the information I needed to start the salon's rebranding. I needed to:
• Create typographic and aesthetically pleasing lettering
• Consider sizing, printing methods, and QR customization
• Transcribe similar appearance of branding across all forms of media; Specifically the business card design
Adobe Illustrator
After much measuring
I focused on the beauty aspect of the salon's brand and how it compared to the integrity of the business itself. Alongside that, Lien insisted purple was the go-to-color (it being her absolute favorite color made that the ultimatum).
Beauty is a fancy noun that means random lines and decorative swirls create virtue, if not value. I wanted the typography to scream luxury and after much digging I uncovered a fitting typeface. To accompany it, I needed to add the beauty marks that best fit a salon's aesthetic.
After setting the mood of what symbols I would be incorporating I created a series of designs for the business card for Lien.
The business card was set to be double-sided, I included three front designs and a solo back option that fit all available design options I created for her.
The Decision
After a short design update, Lien had chosen her favorite design. This was the follow suit to the rest of the project; every design from here needed to reflect the business card.
Typography Continued
After the main business card layout was decided on, it was time for the standalone credential designs. These were to be installed inside the salon itself. This included:
• The Salon's Entrance: Title, Contact Information, Awards
• Window advertising
• Payment Methods
Venmo Payment Information with a customized working QR CODE Link
Award Replication and Restoration of original artwork was vectorized by me through Illustrator. Additionally I created another functioning QR CODE that brings users straight to the Salon's Yelp page.
From an outside view, I broke apart the Salon's new logo and suite number to fit into each window square.
Retaining the logo and information aesthetics used across the rest of the salon's branding I decided to add white to POP the purple from its soon to be glass surface. In doing so, it created a more legible experience for guests to see from multiple angles. 
The Final Install
After the designing was complete she was able to give the salon its own makeover. I've showcased the final product below.
Updated Top Cuttery Salon:
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