My Role: Typographic Design • Product Design
The Process
The OYL team approached me with confidence and tons of respect.
August 2020, Own Your Life Fitness has their gym ready for opening... But something was missing!
Before I came along...
Back in March 2017, Crossfit Eta made the hard decision to pull the plug on their gym due to the effects of COVID-19. But in light of things, this meant the gym had a chance to restart fresh!
The Proposal:
• Create a clean and sporty logo that followed their mission statement: "To help you Own Your Life."
• Consider coloring to be simple
• Logo and Branding to be used across printing services for merchandise
Adobe Illustrator
Keeping things clean and basic, the OYL team really wanted a logo that resembled the Nike logo.
The spacing and boldness to the fonts presented an eye-catching, yet simple, design. They really wanted me to focus on an easily inverted color palette, so that it could be implemented onto merchandising in the future.
The OYL Logo would go on to having a series of changes after its initial completion. This would come to fruition on January 12, 2021 when OYL started affiliating with CrossFit! This was fantastic news, and fortunately this didn't put a damper on the logo's layout. In fact, the big change was removing "FITNESS" and replacing it with "CROSSFIT".
When all was complete, it was time for the business sign to be created and mounted on their gym!
Here Comes The Merchandise
Of course they were ready for their next project, merch!
This was to be presented as Shirts, Hats, Signs, Feather Flags, and Table Cloths.
Events and Promotions
Feather Flags, Banners, and Table Cloths were needed for OYL's November 2020, WOD (Workout of the Day) in the Park Day! Everyone was encouraged to bring their friends.
OYL Merchandise was finally designed and promoted, it is available here for purchase:
A Job Well Done
After the project was complete, Crossfit OYL had a brand new design, and a whole lot of new members!
The gym continues to grow today! Check them out here:
OYL Fitness Social Media Banner:
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