My Role: Magnet Creation
The Process
Information was collected from a Real-Estate Frame and transferred to a cleaner independent format specifically for Rachel's magnets.
The Proposal:
• Rachel said she could use those cheesy magnets for the sides of her car
• Incorporating name, email, and work phone

The Chandler Crouch Realtors Logo had to be completely remade to a vector based object so I could make it into a cuttable plotter file. Followed by the business contact information. Everything was assembled in Illustrator and I created a couple options to see what direction aesthetically we should move in.
With the options supplied, Rachel decided on B. The best part about this was that she was 100% satisfied with its design already, so no more adjustments would be needed. Awesome!
The Manufacturing
The process of creating the entirety of the magnets went smoothly! I had been testing vehicle-grade magnets that would have a strong enough hold to be a permanent (yet adjustable positioning) incorporation to her business.
1) 30mil Magnet Sheet Rolls were cut to size, including rounded corners.
2) Her car is black, so having a matte-non reflective vinyl would help reduce glare and easy visibility.
3) Die-Cut White vinyl is plotted, masked, and applied on-top-of the black matte-vinyl that adheres to the magnet.
4) Rinse and Repeat 2 times total, for one driver's side and one passenger side door magnet
The Final Product
With all said and done, the magnets were completed! Rachel was excited to stick them to her car, and with that, installation photos are here to show off the final product.
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