My Role: US DOT Die-Cut Vinyl, Logo Recreation / Update for Truck Numbers
The Given
Starting with the existing company logo (dated artwork from the company work wall) and a photo of the existing vinyl on the company truck. 
The Proposal:
• Update the current Alpha Brothers Logistics Logo
• Create a new set of Docket & US DOT Number Vinyl Decals
• Create template for placement and sizing purposes
The Logo and Numbers

Working off of an existing logo speeds up a replication design when the logo itself is intact. Thankfully the star of the design, the bird, was still standing (or flying) proud!
A new typeface was established that kept the same original shape to the company name. Having the logo completely vectorized now makes the vinyl creation process 100 times easier. 
I removed the existing vinyl from our client photo and moved onto creating the mockup.
The Mockup
Setting up the mockup, the placement of the decals is crucial, since this determines the final file cut size and how much material is required. From approximation, the F680 truck model was rendered as an illustration (by me of course) and scaled graphics previewed precisely how large the vinyl would be.
The Final Product
Installation is always stressful! But here we can see the approximation was exacted with true-scale graphics when it came to finally installing the vinyl on the truck.
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